VMS delivers the building blocks that provide quality communication you are looking for, including, shore, ship, office and mobile connectivity, using the latest technology.

Danaos Suite (SaaS)

The Danaos Enterprise software suite is the leading software package that integrates all the daily operations of any shipping company in a goal-based efficiency suite.

IT Solutions

VMS SA delivers Disaster recovery and business continuity planning to you. Prepare for any disruptive event and protect your organization, Our Service is Saas. 


Imagine if you could access the latest Microsoft desktop suite, while taking advantage of trusted communication and collaboration products to enhance efficiency and reduce cost.

Imagine if it was available for a per user per month price, meaning you could pay for what you need, when you need it.

With Microsoft Office 365, that possibility becomes a reality. The package offered by VMS SA helps you take full advantage of the latest technology, whatever the size of your business. What is more, with our ongoing support, you can secure maximum business benefit from your investment.


With Microsoft Office 365, you can:

Collaborate: Office 365 enables colleagues and business partners to work effectively together, sharing documents and information with ease. This enhances efficiency, and facilitates productive team working.

Work remotely: Because it is hosted on the Cloud, Office 365 enables your staff to work efficiently, wherever they are located on any device; PCs, Apples, Phones and Tablets

Use the best IT products: Office 365 incorporates the latest version of Microsoft Office and always will, as well as other indispensable tools like SharePoint , Exchange and Lync . That means you never have to worry about your technology being out of date – with our help, you will always be at the cutting edge.

Pay as you go: Why pay upfront for technology you may not always need? With VMS SA’s per user per month pricing, you’ll only pay for the technology you use. If you need to expand, or contract, you can do so with ease – simply add or remove users, and they’re ready to get working.

Microsoft Office 365 includes the following products:

  • Microsoft Office: The world’s premier desktop suite – updated continuously forever
  • Exchange Online: Organise email, calendar and contacts on the Cloud, with all the constant protection of Microsoft’s latest anti-virus and anti-spam solutions.
  • SharePoint Online : Connect with colleagues and business partners, share documents, and work smart – and, with VMS SA’s help, maximise the business benefits of this innovative product.
  • Lync Online: Keep in touch, with Cloud-based instant messaging, video conferences, screen sharing and online meetings.


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