picture   Danaos Management Consultans S.A.: Founded in 1986 in Greece, Danaos has evolved into the largest Integrated ship management systems provider. Danaos provides total integrated software solutions to shipping companies and their vessels. Its packages have been evaluated by leading hardware manufactures, auditors, and certification societies and meet stringent quality criteria.



picture   SRH Marine Greece: Founded in 1957 is the leading Greek company in the field of Marine Communication Products and Services. Represents Vizada the worldwide leading provider of global communications solutions with revenue more than $640 million in 2007 and more market share on more satellite networks than any other satellite communications provider in the world.






   Microsoft Hellas: The Greek subsidiary of the biggest technology company in the world.





   ECNIT: Founded in 2008 in Greece, ECNIT provides Managed Services and On-Site support to companies that want to outsource their IT departments but at the same time keep their business up and running properly with high quality standards. We provide flat-rate I.T. Services, Vendor Management and other Professional Services.




  Crypteia Networks was founded in 2011 and targets to introduce to small and medium companies in Greece, Eastern Europe, and Mediterranean Region in general network security solutions that bring in foreground information not easily accessible until now. To large enterprises target group, Crypteia Networks envisions the provision of services that enable the users to reduce their OPEX and CAPEX investments in their security needs, via managed security services and outsourcing.




  PlanetSim is a prepaid cell phone sim card that offers low and simple international rates when roaming. Perfect for businesses large and small, traveling internationally for work, studyies and any individual needs.


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