Waves Fleet Performance

The ultimate tool for benchmarking and optimization of vessel utilization (optimal speed/route selection), fuel and lubricants. Fully automates your company's EEOI policy, statutory or commercial compliance.

Furthermore, it offers the ultimate fleet "management dashboard" with ongoing voyage analysis, visualization of performance data, alerts for non-controlled risks like bad weather, piracy zones, stoppages, etc. Integrates trim optimization based on actual vessel condition.


Planned Maintenance & Technical Management

Type approved application software specially designed for planned, corrective and condition based maintenance fully harmonized with surveys, all types of inspections, dry docking and repair team planning comprising contracted and guarantee items

Multimedia specification (e-drawings, manuals, videos, photographs with voice, etc.) of required maintenance integrated with the spares future requirements prediction and usage recording.


Dry Docking

Manages the project from start to finish. Automates the specification creation, yard quotations and selection process.


Vessel Inspections

Using portable devices (tablets or smart phones) helps the inspector to follow the inspection plan. Creates the inspection report automatically and supports approval work flow, while it further integrates with Planned Maintenance systems and synchronizes the data ashore.



Optimizes procurement for spares, stores, provisions, lubricants, chemicals, work or service orders, etc. Offers intuitive budget to actuals comparison, consolidated inventories, demand predictions, KPIs, etc.


Crewing & HR

Advanced crew planning ashore and onboard. Statutory compliance in terms of training, certification and competence. Produces all reporting for the authorities (crew lists, Work/Rest Hours, certificates, etc.) and required KPIs. Master account module (MGA) records vessel cash utilication, pay-slip production, allotments and advances, overtime, bonded stores and victualing.



The backbone of the efficient up keeping of the company's system. All corporate and statutory KPIs are produced automatically out of e-forms data and are reported on user-defined dashboards. TMSA KPIs are built into the system. Risk assessments are fully integrated so the officers can apply the appropriate controls to brink the risk to an acceptable level.






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