Crypteia Protector is a turn-key Perimeter Security solution that covers all the security needs our subscribers might have, including:



Application Control

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware


Web Filtering

Intrusion Defection & Protection

WEB Data Loss Prevention

These services enable subscribers to safely browse the internet, use online services and applications and securely exchange email and files.

All these are delivered via Cryptiea Networks cloud including centralized management, operation, monitoring, support and updates.

Furthermore, via the same platform, several additional value added services are provided on a local level such as, Network Access Control, Wireless Controller, WAN Optimization and VPN, which enable maximum utilization of local network and telecommunication resources.


Though this combination of cloud and local services, subscribers are able to further increase their productivity and competiveness via the full exploitaion of their ICT resources and assets.



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